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How to Start Learning to Play Guitar

If you are planning to become an expert guitarist, then now is the right time for you to learn. You cannot learn if you will take that desire for granted, so you have to move, get that guitar and look for resources that will teach you how to learn to play guitar.

GerardCousinsGuitarist6 How to Start Learning to Play Guitar

However, while the passion for music is burning in you, there might be some challenges that restricts you from starting to learn. For one are the misconceptions that lie in being a musician. Yes, this is true, there are false assumptions that prevent people from taking a step for musical pursuits, and they are:

  • They are too old to learn music.
  • They lack the talent.
  • There is a need to master reading music to play an instrument.
  • There is a tantamount effort required to learn.

If the aforementioned claims about music prevents you to learn it, then you have to overcome these misconceptions first. People whose eyes are fixed to their goal will never let negativeness overpower them, and this should also apply with you.

These assumptions are definitely wrong. In music, all are equal, no one is too old nor too young as long as the person is already capable of handling the instrument. Also, while talent can be an advantage in music, people who persevere to learn are capable to of being great in their chosen paths.

Learning guitar will not require you to learn everything in music especially reading notes. How to learn to play guitar is basically practicing your fingers in the strings and memorizing those chord patterns. What it requires you though is commitment to practice and elevate your skill levels.

If music is truly a passion for you, any effort will be meaningful, and the hardships count as well. Start on your quest to learn the guitar today. Check for online tutorials.

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Best Piano Playing Tips for Beginners

The piano is one of the all-time favourite musical instrument. It is often suggested for music beginners and musicians who have started with it aspires to become better in playing it. Deciding to pick the piano as an instrument to learn is a good decision. It allows playing various genre of music, not to mention that there is a wide storage of resources for songs that one can enjoy with.

Learn the basic music theory. Your understanding of music will give you light to more advanced piano skill. If you are serious about learning music, you got to at least familiarize yourself with the instruments, the techniques, and the pieces used by popular musicians. It will also be necessary especially if you are planning to compose your own music.

roland v piano professional stage piano large Best Piano Playing Tips for Beginners

Listen to piano music.

Training your hearing is vital in being a full-fledged musician. Like our ability to hear words allow us to learn speak and write it, the same way works with music. The more you hear, the more you will be able to recognize chord patterns, intervals, and notes.

Work on the scales and chords.

Get to know the piano. If you want to master the instrument, you have to be familiar with how it sounds and how you will position your fingers to create that sound. There are resources that will teach you on the chords. This can be a tricky process, so better have a reliable tool to help you out. You can check for online tips on how to play the piano.

Practice more.

Manage your time accordingly and make sure that you are marking your calendar for a piano practice. There is no exact formula to be a master pianist or there are magical tools for best learning to play piano for beginners. Even musical geniuses spent many of their time mastering their craft and pursued their passion. Make it a habit to learn a new piece every time you already have perfected one.

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How to play the Harmonica

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